Monday, June 6, 2011


Envious jeer is silly
but uses
immense adroit

It takes prudent step(s)
to come out of
clear obstacles

Customs, conventions are
delicate and lucid
yet stern and tedious

Thrive to vanquish
queer quest than to
conquer anything by power

Oh! God let me not see 
horrifying thing like a human 
bursting out himself !

let me not utter a word 
as cruel and terrifying as

let me not hear the
crying, screaming
and intolerance
not even a blast!!

eyes waters; tongue mutters...
body shivers and sweats!!!
for me who just heard it
sitting in a corner..

he can hear,feel, his death!
last beats along with 
the ticks of the bomb!
his last breath!

and the sound ticks off!!!! 

Bheja Fry

Individual being can do things alone,can achieve big things. In-spite of these he needs a companion :)
One who stands by  you "shoulder to shoulder".The one who inspires. The one in whose presence we find a joy.... which in his absence is felt deeply...the happiness that each crave for.:)
Laughing together in each funny deeds thats done. Taunting to your stupid behavior openly and making fun : D

I can say I had plenty of friends all together. Different of their kinds :D  Each teaching one sentence each of life.
Still there are many of them bringing merry to life. Without whom student life would have been meaningless .......
Some taught me lessons for life!!!!Now to be no where I feel... but when I dig deep within I still find them as soft copies!!!! Simply reminding their presence in my PAST life!!! :D. ( tell me... how can i forget them?!) Live your life people :).Remember somewhere I was a small element in your life!! 
And for those who still exist with me ;P and bearing me too....
Love you guys for what you are. :) :) :)